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      PhpBB forum is an open-source internet discussion forum. Work in hp Coupled with the database system It can be installed and ready to use immediately. In addition, phpBB forum can be easily connected to the site. And is designed to accommodate responsive, accessible devices.


Styles รูปแบบ


Supports on devices, desktops, tablets and smartphones with responsive style design.
Registration system
Set limits on login attempts, set password lengths, restrict character sets, protect user board security by configuring password complexity, allow / disallow duplicate emails.
Registration ระบบการลงทะเบียน
Posting ระบบการโพสต์
Posting System
Users can post, insert images and link and post emoticons. Add thirds by attaching files. Users can post other users' messages by quoting or posting drafts. If the postings are not completed, there will also be a voting system. And preview before posting.
Attachments System
While the post has attached files. Set file format size File placement Increased ease of posting.
Attachments ระบบไฟล์แนบ
Forums ระบบฟอรั่ม
Forums System
Create unlimited subcategory categories. You can choose to subscribe to that category to receive notifications. And can set topics, favorites or threads. Will display the latest post first
Users System
Facebook, Google, Line multi-channel subscription with OAuth Customize profile with avatar, avatar, private message Set friends / enemies Yes and show all users online.
Users ระบบผู้ใช้
Moderators ระบบผู้ช่วยผู้ดูแล

Moderators System

The Admin Assistant has access to all parts of the forum, categories, threads, user management and add, delete, edit, move, move, move, move topics and lock topics.
Usergroups System
User segmentation Can handle many forms. Group for members New user group The administrator can assign group leaders as well as group access permissions. Users can request group integration from the leader. Manage colors and groups. Show all members at Member List
Usergroups กลุ่มผู้ใช้
Private Messaging ระบบข้อความส่วนตัว

Private Messaging System

Send two or more private messages or quickly send to a group of users. Create drafts, mail lists, send lists, show history, mail lists And with a view like chatting post. Create stylish messages with emoticons.
Security System
High Safety Webboard With password Hashing system will not disclose the password, even the administrator can not know the code we have. By saving the password to phpBB's own secret database, it is highly secure.
Security ระบบความปลอดภัย
Anti-Spam ป้องกันสแปม

Anti-Spam System

PhpBB's CAPTCHA anti-spam forum. Also, Google's updated reCAPTCHA 2.0 APIs are highly effective. And to determine the number of posts. Authorization from the moderator before publishing the post.
Data Management System
phpBB supports and supports various database server storage such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, SQLite.
Data Management ระบบการจัดการข้อมูล
Caching ระบบแคช

Caching System

phpBB uses advanced caching system to optimize performance. To reduce page load time, Redis Caching support, Template Caching, can clear the cache itself on the Control Panel page.
Permissions System
Manage user access to user groups, board categories by administrators for orderly use, and information to publish specific groups or categories.
Permissions ระบบจัดการสิทธิ
Administration ระบบจัดการของผู้ดูแลระบบ

Administration System

Manage system on board, add, delete, modify, move categories and users, and grant privileges to users or groups. Administrators can also set up various boarding applications and add, remove, add-ons or templates. The user can contact the administrator from the menu page.
Search System
Search for posts in the search engines, search for authors, filter or search for posts, and even advanced search by filtering the date range of the posters and restricting the search.
Search System ระบบค้นหา
Plugins ระบบเพิ่มปลั๊กอิน

Plugins System

Supports authenticate using social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, other OAuth sources.
Monthly notification system on the forums with notification menu. Include alerts via user mail.
Notifications การแจ้งเตือน