Buildinstore is a website for use in ready-made systems. Which the users do not need to have computer knowledge or programming skills Then able to implement the system Users can apply the system to their own data. The system is very easy, just choose the package you want to use. Buildinstore has many packages to choose from. Covering many businesses such as ready-made websites, e-commerce systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, space rental systems And many more When choosing the package Then install the package and set the domain name Just as it is able to use the system.


It can cover many types of businesses

It can cover many types of businesses.

There are many packages to choose from. Covering many types of businesses such as E-Commerce system, CRM system, ERP system, space rental or instant Website.
Customize as needed
Every system can customize the features as needed.
E-Commerce System
Can do E-Commerce easily with E-Commerce system
Rental management system
Space management system For those who do area rental business such as dormitory business, hotel business, shopping mall, flea market, parking rental business And many more.
Rental management
CRM System
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
ERP System
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for internal management.


Instant website is ready for use.
Easy to use, just install
Choose the package
Choose the package that you want to use.

Fill out information

Fill out information of username, password and e-mail.
Domain name
Fill out domain name.

Installed successfully

The system was installed successfully. This will get the desired system.